GIRL CRUSH DALAM BUDAYA POP KOREA (Analisis Semiotika pada Video Musik Dalla Dalla dan Wannabe dari Itzy)

FITRI, AISYAH BARIYANA NUR (2022) GIRL CRUSH DALAM BUDAYA POP KOREA (Analisis Semiotika pada Video Musik Dalla Dalla dan Wannabe dari Itzy). Undergraduate thesis, UPN "VETERAN" JAWA TIMUR.

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Nowadays, k-pop has become a popular culture all over the world. Indonesia has a large enough Kpop fan base as the second country with the highest number of Youtube streams on K-pop videos. South Korean entertainment industry innovate by debuting girl groups with girl crush concepts or, in Korean, often referred to as ssen unnie, to maintain its dominance. This research analyzes the representation of girl crushes on K-pop musik videos. The object of this research uses musik videos entitle Dalla Dalla and Wannabe by Itzy. This research employs qualitative research and Roland Barthes's semiotic approach. Barthes stated two orders of signification, connotation and denotation of five system codes, to analyze the signs in the visual object. This research finds that girl crush is another way to mention girl power in the Korean entertainment industry. Dalla Dalla and Wannabe musik videos by Itzy shows that girl crush is a girl power as individual power. Researchers also identified the existence of postfeminism ideology throughout the musik videos of Dalla Dalla and Wannabe. Researchers found that the elements of postfeminism include femininity as bodily property, the sexualization of culture, from sex object to desiring subject, individualism, choice, empowerment, and the makeover of paradigm. In addition, the researcher interprets that Itzy as one of the girl groups is trying to build a new beauty standard for South Korean female group idols. Keywords: Girl Power, K-pop, Postfeminism

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences > Departement of Communication
Depositing User: Aisyah Bariyana Nur Fitri
Date Deposited: 17 Jan 2022 08:46
Last Modified: 17 Jan 2022 08:46

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